A Photo of Yiannis Bournous from the The Power of One exhibit at Bumbershoot. The Power of One featured shot of individuals who made an impact on society and the theme was heavily biased against Globalization and Capitalism.

The irony of me walking around in my Nike shoes, sipping my Starbucks latte, listening to my iPod, clicking away with my Canon SLR, all thanks to my Microsoft paycheck while watching this exhibit at Bumbershoot (brought to you by Samsung) was something that made me cringe…atleast for a few minutes before I went back to talking on my T-Mobile phone!


The rest of my shots from Bumbershoot follow:

One thought on “Anti-Capitalista

  1. http://

    Hi there!

    I’m Yiannis Bournous, the guy shown on this photo…

    This photo was taken in May 2003, in a Counter-Summit of the Social Movements in Geneva/Switzerland against the simoultaneously organized G8 Meeting in the French-Swiss borders…
    It is a courtesy of Katerina Mouratidis a Greek-German photographer (I think you must mention this…) and it has been included in one photoalbum composed by individual shots of activists and intellectuals from all around the world.
    I’m curious to know more about the exhibition you saw my face in!

    My email is
    Will be happy to receive your answer!

    Yiannis Bournous
    Athens, Greece


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