Snakes on a Plane !!

There are movies, there are B-movies and then there’s Snakes on a Plane! Well, at least that’s the impression I had  of Snakes on a Plane before I went to see it today.

But, I was pleasantly surprised today and this movie was waay better than I expected. It kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time in spite of the razor thin plot, stereotypical characters and predictable ending. The movie never felt like it was 116 minutes long and had scene after scene of decent CGI snakes, heart pounding action and not-as-cheesy-as-you-might-expect dialogs. This is certainly going to become a B-movie classic like Attack of the Killer Tomatos.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet – go watch it! Don’t wait for the DVD – shell out the $8 or Rs 50 or whatever it costs you to watch this movie. And,

Some geek trivia from the movie:

* The snooty Brit guy was carrying a macbook pro.

* The Desi girl was credited in the movie as the ‘iPod girl’ though she was actually listening to a Dell Mp3 player.

* What’s with the wacky ‘gun and pressurized cabin’ physics? I can see how the cabin gets decompressed if there was a hole in the cabin wall, but how will a hole in the cockpit door cause the cabin pressure to drop enough for the plane’s frame to rip away?

PS: If you hadn’t heard of this movie before this, read

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    Hmm, you make a compelling pitch! Now I have to watch this… though given the rate at which I am letting movies pass me by, it might be years before I get around to it. I just caught up with “The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy” on DVD (courtesy our friendly neighbourhood King County Library) – and was pleasantly suprised with the taut storyline and razor sharp action.


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