DC was so freaking hot! It was 93F on Saturday and we spent the whole day walking from the Union Station/Capitol Hill end of the DC Mall to the Monument/Lincoln Memorial end. Some observations:

  • DC was a lot cleaner, neater and prettier than I expected. Somehow I was expecting a smaller version on Downtown LA there.
  • Everything in DC is Free! All the attractions, all the museums… everything. Quite a contrast from other towns where you pay 30 bucks a pop to go up a freaking mountain or walk on a bridge.
  • DC gets pretty hot in Summer.
  • Lots n lots of fountains along the mall.. I saw down at them with my feet in the water to cool down:

Dipping into a fountain

  • The White House is lame. All you can do there is to take photos from outside the gate:

White House

  • Indique: Great mango lassis! They had a stall at the Smithsonian folk life festival.


  • The Smithsonian Museum(s) rock! I’ll probably spend a day or two visiting them the next time I’m in DC. This time, I got to see only the Museum of Natural History.

Ichysaurus ?

  • What’s with the goat? One of those ‘what were they thinking when they put this exhibit up’ moments…

Taming a goat

  • That’s some pretty exclusing parking spots they’ve got here…

Pretty exclusive parking

  • Did I mention that it was HOT! It’s good to be back in the Northwest where it’s (at least slightly) cooler.



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