Restaurant Review: Casuelita’s Caribbean Cafe

Name: Casuelita’s Caribbean Café

Location: 81 Vine St, Seattle, WA

Our Order: 4 different Tapas – the Jamaican Patties, the Jerk Chicken Chop
Up, the Rum Glazed Jumbo Prawns (Camarones Barachos) and the Shantytown


  • Great ambience: Colorful décor, cozy interiors. Has a fun feel about it.
  • Delicious food: An exotic blend of spicy West Indian, Latin American & Mexican tapas and entrees. The chicken chop up was especially delicious.
  • Knock-out cocktails: The ‘Zombie’ with its 151 proof Bacardi and something else I can’t remember were simply delicious! They had a long list of rums including samplers which we didn’t try.


  • Sloooow: We had to wait for 30 minutes even though we had a reservation. Everything took longer than expected – the food was cold when it arrived, the check took ages to get to us, our water glasses was often empty. The delay meant we could have long conversations and it helped that we weren’t hungry, but it’s not a place I’d recommend to those in a hurry.
  • Slightly noisy: It could just have been the fun-loving crowd at the bar but the restaurant isn’t somewhere you’d go for a quiet night out.

Bottomline: The great food and fun ambience makes it a place you could go back to again and again and not get bored.

Rating: B for the good food and slow service.

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