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Perfomancing Firefox

I've started using Word 2007 Beta as my main blogging client, but I also wanted a light weight blogging tool on my no-Betas-allowed laptop. I tried out BlogJet for a couple of weeks till it's trial expired and then concluded that it wasn't really worth the 30 bucks. Not that it crashing a couple of times and eating my blog posts has anything to do with it. I've been trying to get my hands on w.bloggar, but their website's been down for weeks (doesn't anyone in the blogosphere care?). So a quick web search later, I settled on a lightweight firefox extension that seems pretty popular.

Introducing… Perfomancing Firefox. It seems to have all the basic features: support for multiple blogging services, a rich text and HTML editors, technorati tagging, pings etc. It's got a handful of bells and whistles – support for directly bookmarking a post to del.icio.us (why?), image upload and so on. I guess this will do for any quick and dirty posts that I would have used post-by-email for before I moved to CS2.1.
The only weird thing about performancing (other than its name) is the fact that it, by default, splits your Firefox browser window into two and takes up the bottom half. Like I said earlier, it's main use-case is probably the quick and dirty blog post on something you saw while browsing some other site.