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Restaurant Rant: Celtic Bayou

Friday evening… we decide to ditch our usual haunt at the Northwest Brewhouse and try something new. Given our great experience at an Irish pub recently (JJ Mahoney’s at Bella Botega), we think that Celtic Bayou ‘Irish Brewpub and Cajun Café’ is worth a shot. Boy, were we mistaken! So, here’s my rant:


Name: Celtic Bayou Irish Brewpub and Cajun Café


Location: 7281 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA


Our Order: Sheppard Pie, something else that was like uncooked meat, Chocolate Brownie and a light beer.



1. Reasonable ambience. More crowded than the Northwest Brewhouse

2. The beer was half-decent.



1.       The food SUCKED. There aren’t too many times I’ve not been able to eat what’s served to me at a restaurant (and most of them have been in financially depressing times in College) and this was one of them! The meat was raw, the veggies were tasteless and the only thing edible were the mashed potatoes!

2.       The Guinness I ordered never arrived!


To summarize, a totally forgettable experience. I half wish I didn’t blog this and somehow forgot all about that place earlier!

Restaurant Review: Casuelita’s Caribbean Cafe

Name: Casuelita’s Caribbean Café

Location: 81 Vine St, Seattle, WA

Our Order: 4 different Tapas – the Jamaican Patties, the Jerk Chicken Chop
Up, the Rum Glazed Jumbo Prawns (Camarones Barachos) and the Shantytown


  • Great ambience: Colorful décor, cozy interiors. Has a fun feel about it.
  • Delicious food: An exotic blend of spicy West Indian, Latin American & Mexican tapas and entrees. The chicken chop up was especially delicious.
  • Knock-out cocktails: The ‘Zombie’ with its 151 proof Bacardi and something else I can’t remember were simply delicious! They had a long list of rums including samplers which we didn’t try.


  • Sloooow: We had to wait for 30 minutes even though we had a reservation. Everything took longer than expected – the food was cold when it arrived, the check took ages to get to us, our water glasses was often empty. The delay meant we could have long conversations and it helped that we weren’t hungry, but it’s not a place I’d recommend to those in a hurry.
  • Slightly noisy: It could just have been the fun-loving crowd at the bar but the restaurant isn’t somewhere you’d go for a quiet night out.

Bottomline: The great food and fun ambience makes it a place you could go back to again and again and not get bored.

Rating: B for the good food and slow service.

Cooking eggs with cell phones!

Weekend Eating: Mobile Cooking

Many students, and other young people, have little in the way of cooking skills but can usually get their hands on a couple of mobile phones. So, this week, we show you how to use two mobile phones to cook an egg which will make a change from phoning out for a pizza. Please note that this will not work with cordless phones.

To do this you will need two mobile phones -they do not have to be on the same network but you will need to know the number of one of them. The only other items you will need are:

  1. An egg cup, (make sure that the egg cup is made of an insulating material such as China, wood or glass – plastic will do. DO NOT use stainless steel or other metal).
  2. A radio, AM or FM – you can also use your hifi.

  3. A table or other flat surface on which to place the phones and egg cup. You can place the radio anywhere in the room but you might as well put it on the table.

How To Do It:

  1. Take an egg from the fridge and place it in the egg cup in the centre of the table.

  2. Switch on the radio or hifi and turn it up to a comfortable volume.

  3. Switch on phone A and place it on the table such that the antenna (the pokey thing at the top) is about half an inch from the egg (you may need to experiment to get the relative heights correct – paperbacks are good if you have any – if not you may be able to get some wood off cuts from your local hardware shop).

  4. Switch on phone B and ring phone A then place phone B on the table in a similar but complementary position to Phone A.

  5. Answer phone A – you should be able to do this without removing it from the table. If not, don’t panic, just return the phone to where you originally placed on the table.

  6. Phone A will now be talking to Phone B whilst Phone B will be talking to Phone A.

  7. Cooking time: This very much depends on the power output of your mobile phone. For instance, a pair of mobiles each with 2 Watts of transmitter output will take three minutes to boil a large free range egg. Check your user manual and remember that cooking time will be proportional to the inverse square of the output power for a given distance from egg to phone.

  8. Cut out these instructions for future reference.
Note: We cooked our egg during the evening using free local calls, if you were to cook an egg for lunch it would cost £3.00 – not cheap but you do have the convenience.
PS: This article is crap. Cell phones do not emit anywhere near the amount of power needed to cook an egg. It takes a microwave (at 1000+ watts) a few minutes to cook an egg and it’s silly to think that a cell phone (ever at the claimed 2W) can cook an egg in 2 minutes. Now if you tried using an XboX 360 power supply brick, maybe!

Restaurant Review: Big Time Pizzeria

Given that we eat out 2-3 times a week, I thought that I should keep track of the restaurants we visit and the experiences we had there.  At the very least, it will help me keep track of places to avoid and places I liked. In the best case, this could be the next epinions or mouthshut 🙂

So, here goes:


Name: Big Time pizzeria


Location: 7824 Leary Way, Redmond, WA


Our Order: Chicken Tuscano, Big Time Calzone



  • Decent ambience: The old building is beautiful with its red brick wall and the postered wall.
  • Reasonably priced: ~$10 per entrée and the portions were reasonable


  • Poor disinterested service: The waitress screwed up the orders of a couple in our party and got them pasta instead of pizza and then rudely offered to parcel it for them since ‘I have to throw it out anyway’ !
  • Bad crowd: More like – no crowd. The place was practically empty on a Friday night!


Bottomline: Worth a visit, but not someplace I’d frequent even though it’s only 5 or so blocks from our apartment.


Rating: C for the effort.