Finding gold…

One of the reasons I like taking and looking at photos is because they capture people’s thoughts, emotions and memories and preserve them for eternity. Every year, when I visit my parents in India, I like to browse through the old photo albums in the almira and gaze at photos of my great grandmother who I’ve never met, my grandparents, two of whom exist only in my memories now, baby photos of my cousins, photos of my uncles when they had hair and so on…

The funny thing about Orkut, which everyone and their dog in India seems to be on these days, is that I meet a lot of my middle and highschool friends there. Since I graduated from highschool before most of us had email (or orkut/facebook etc. existed), I had lost contact with most of them over the years and it’s been great digging them up from someone’s friend’s list. This has of course swelled my friend’s list though not as badly as this guy’s:

So, recently I found my 2nd grade classmate Shikha on orkut, then blogspot and finally flickr. So, imagine my surprise when I was browsing through her photos to find a couple of old photos of me!

For your viewing pleasure:


No points for guessing which one is me! Geez.

One thought on “Finding gold…

  1. Shikha

    Funny thing… Your blog never used to open from my office, and I always wondered why. Now that my office websense policy is blocking almost all the blogs in the universe, yours is finally opening!!! 🙂

    I see the similarity in the “browsing through old photos” now, just after I’ve mentioned it in a post too :D.

    As for Orkut, yep. I agree, I’m sure the dogs are all there too 😉


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