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Snakes on a Plane !!

There are movies, there are B-movies and then there’s Snakes on a Plane! Well, at least that’s the impression I had  of Snakes on a Plane before I went to see it today.

But, I was pleasantly surprised today and this movie was waay better than I expected. It kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time in spite of the razor thin plot, stereotypical characters and predictable ending. The movie never felt like it was 116 minutes long and had scene after scene of decent CGI snakes, heart pounding action and not-as-cheesy-as-you-might-expect dialogs. This is certainly going to become a B-movie classic like Attack of the Killer Tomatos.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet – go watch it! Don’t wait for the DVD – shell out the $8 or Rs 50 or whatever it costs you to watch this movie. And,

Some geek trivia from the movie:

* The snooty Brit guy was carrying a macbook pro.

* The Desi girl was credited in the movie as the ‘iPod girl’ though she was actually listening to a Dell Mp3 player.

* What’s with the wacky ‘gun and pressurized cabin’ physics? I can see how the cabin gets decompressed if there was a hole in the cabin wall, but how will a hole in the cockpit door cause the cabin pressure to drop enough for the plane’s frame to rip away?

PS: If you hadn’t heard of this movie before this, read

LinkMania: Seth Godin and a trip to Pakistan

Two unrelated but insteresting links i ran into today:

Seth Godin , the author of All Marketers are Liars, gave a pretty good talk to Googlers a couple of months back. I finally had a chance to watch it this week. Here it is…

Via the India Uncut blog, I came across this blog post by Leo M about his travels through Pakistan:

Windows Live Writer

Wow – it sounds like someone heard my private rants on the state of blogging tools. The blogosphere is awash with the news that Windows Live Writer Beta was released today. I’ve just downloaded it and it less than 2 minutes managed to set it up to publish to my blog. It’s surprisingly lightweight and responsive, even on my aging Tablet PC.

I’m not going to review it in any detail since it’s been praised and bashed all over the web, but i get the feeling I’ll have to break the ‘No-betas’ rule on my home laptop for this one.


ZDNet: Writer is Microsoft’s first Live killer app

Om Malik: Windows Live Writer, Write On!

Seattle PI: Assessing Windows Live Writer

Paul Kedrowski: Windows Live Writer … Huh?


Wow – Windows Live Writer is the top search on technorati today:

Perfomancing Firefox

I've started using Word 2007 Beta as my main blogging client, but I also wanted a light weight blogging tool on my no-Betas-allowed laptop. I tried out BlogJet for a couple of weeks till it's trial expired and then concluded that it wasn't really worth the 30 bucks. Not that it crashing a couple of times and eating my blog posts has anything to do with it. I've been trying to get my hands on w.bloggar, but their website's been down for weeks (doesn't anyone in the blogosphere care?). So a quick web search later, I settled on a lightweight firefox extension that seems pretty popular.

Introducing… Perfomancing Firefox. It seems to have all the basic features: support for multiple blogging services, a rich text and HTML editors, technorati tagging, pings etc. It's got a handful of bells and whistles – support for directly bookmarking a post to (why?), image upload and so on. I guess this will do for any quick and dirty posts that I would have used post-by-email for before I moved to CS2.1.
The only weird thing about performancing (other than its name) is the fact that it, by default, splits your Firefox browser window into two and takes up the bottom half. Like I said earlier, it's main use-case is probably the quick and dirty blog post on something you saw while browsing some other site.

Some recent restaurants…

I’ve been too busy to write up reviews of every restaurant I’ve been to lately, so I thought I’d write up a quick note on each of them:
1. Benihana’s:- 1200 5th Ave, Seattle, WA Japanese Hibachi Grill. Food was ok. Ambience was pretty good. They seem to have a long list of celebrity clientele looking at the photos at their door. We weren’t really amused by the ‘shrimp the fly’ and other tricks that the cook had on display. Worth a visit.
2. Pogacha: 120 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA. “Northwest Cuisine with an Adriatic Flair”: Hmmm… yeah whatever.. Decent food and ambience. Small portions.. the prime card discount made it worth it, though.
3. Wild Ginger: 1401 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA.  Upscale Pan-asian place. Excellent service, decent food. The waiter spent over 10 minutes with us going over the menu… considering we had to wait 30 minutes for a table, that was bearable.

My Blog is moving…

I totally hate doing this… but I guess this is the way it’s meant to be 🙂

I’m moving my blog from its current home on MSN (nee Windows Live) Spaces to its new home on my own server at It took a bit of work over the past couple of weekends, but I’ve finally got it up and running with the latest build of Community Server (CS 2.1) with a bunch of customizations thrown in.

I was wondering what to do about all the existing posts I had on the Spaces blog… should I just let them die? Should I user Community Server’s blog mirroring feature to move everything over? Should I write some code to move them over?

I didn’t want to let them die because I had some good stuff in there and I’d hate for all that stuff to just disappear into the sands tubes of the internet never to be seen again.

Blog mirroring seemed simple enough but I knew I wanted to tweak some of the older posts to take advantage of the more liberal formatting options I had with CS.

It’s too late at night to write new code and again, I wanted some flexibility with what was going into the new blog.

Soo…. I fired up Word 2007, set up my Windows Live Space and my Community Server blog as my blog accounts and clicked on ‘Open existing’. This gave me a list of all the entries I had in the WL space. I clicked on each one, set the account to my CS blog and clicked on Publish as Draft. This published the entry into Community Server. Now all I had to do was to open the entry in the CS blog editor, make the required formatting and tag changes, set the old publish time and re-publish the entry.

A little more involved than blog mirroring or using the MetaWebLog API, but this way I had full control over each entry that was moved over and didn’t have to resort to copying HTML by hand.

Since CS doesn’t support publish-by-email, I guess I’ll be using Word for blogging from now on.