Yellowstone Road Trip Day 3: The Lake and more springs

By Day 3, we were all worn out and eager to get back… Nevertheless, we did drive out to Yellowstone Lake, stopping in between at the Grand Prismatic Spring area where we saw more springs and pools…

The multicoloured Prismatic Spring


The Opal and Sapphire pools:


The lake itself had nothing to do as we reached there well after all the neighbouring businesses had closed. Gull Point was a good place to get down and walk about… some interesting wildlife and birds around.



Finally, we drove back to the park entrance via the Mud Cauldron where we saw more bison.


Tiring day and we couldn’t wait to head back the next day.

We ended up getting up pretty early on the 30th and driving straight all the way back to Seattle. 770 miles in around 12 hours – stopping only for lunch, gas and coffee 🙂

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