Restaurant Rant: Celtic Bayou

Friday evening… we decide to ditch our usual haunt at the Northwest Brewhouse and try something new. Given our great experience at an Irish pub recently (JJ Mahoney’s at Bella Botega), we think that Celtic Bayou ‘Irish Brewpub and Cajun Café’ is worth a shot. Boy, were we mistaken! So, here’s my rant:


Name: Celtic Bayou Irish Brewpub and Cajun Café


Location: 7281 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA


Our Order: Sheppard Pie, something else that was like uncooked meat, Chocolate Brownie and a light beer.



1. Reasonable ambience. More crowded than the Northwest Brewhouse

2. The beer was half-decent.



1.       The food SUCKED. There aren’t too many times I’ve not been able to eat what’s served to me at a restaurant (and most of them have been in financially depressing times in College) and this was one of them! The meat was raw, the veggies were tasteless and the only thing edible were the mashed potatoes!

2.       The Guinness I ordered never arrived!


To summarize, a totally forgettable experience. I half wish I didn’t blog this and somehow forgot all about that place earlier!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Rant: Celtic Bayou

  1. Bryant wrote:
    Doh!  I’ve had pretty good experiences at Celtic Bayou.  They have a really good spicy penne pasta, etouffe, and jambalaya.  I’ve never had shephard’s pie, but I’m guessing it’s one of their British food varieties (and the Brits aren’t exactly known for having great food).  I haven’t been there much since they dropped from Prime card, but the food is still a nice change of pace. 

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