How to spend $500,000 in 24 hours…

Saturday 1545: D & me drive over to 85th Street to meet Dale at the first house we were looking at this weekend.

Saturday 1755: 2 hours and 30 miles later, we’re on E Lake Sammamish – at our 6th house for the day and our 9th one this week.

Saturday 1805: We’re impressed by the sweeping views of the Lake and the warm colors at this recently constructed 1910 sqft townhouse.

Saturday 1830: We’re back at home and decide to make an offer.

Sunday 1005: I drive over to Dale’s office to sign the paperwork and write a check for the EMD. Dale tells us he’ll be faxing the documents in an hour or so…

Sunday 1530: Dale calls us to let us know that our offer’s been accepted!

Sunday 1545: As the realization sinks in, I wonder whether we’re poorer by half-a-million dollars or whether we’re just about to be enriched by the joy of home-ownership!

So, we should be closing on the 25th and moving early April.

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