Xbox 360 gripes

Chris Prillo has a good list of things he doesn’t like about the Xbox 360 at
My take on this:
#2: You can only download one thing at one time. This is incredibly annoying! especially the first time you boot up a legacy game like Halo 2 which then start to download each map pack one by one. I spent two days just getting the updates required for me to play Halo2 on Live!
#4: Why can’t I schedule the Xbox 360 to download new content for me automatically. This is yet another nicety that’s missing in the 360. I come home everyday and my Tivo has downloaded all the podcasts I care about and has done an overnight update of it’s lineup and any shows I’ve scheduled… So, why can’t the 360 do the same with it’s infinite processing power??
#12: There’s no easy way to boot up the console and go directly to the Blades. This is incredibly annoying as well. Especially if you just wanted to boot the box up to play some streamed music or look at some photos. I now have to sit through 5 minutes of NFS or Halo2’s (or worse – Quake 4’s unskippable) startup cinematics before I can get to my photos. Speaking of photos, that brings me to my personal favorite gripe:
#13: Why does the photo navigation UI suck so bad?? There’s no heirarchy, no favorites, it doesn’t remember the last set it was looking at and navigating or finding the folder you want to view is incredibly painful if you have 100+ folders of photos! I’ve given up on using the X360 for this and have fallen back to using the Tivo as my photo viewer.

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