PodCasting with the Nokia 6630

One of the first things I did with the Nokia 6630 after I got it last year was use it to listen to podcasts. Given the relatively small number of podcasts I listened to, I just copied them over to the Nokia using Bluetooth.
Now, I’ve been looking for a better solution since
  • Transferring a 20MB mp3 over Bluetooth is SLOOOOW…
  • Syncing seems like a better option than manually copying files over

While googling (er.. i mean msnsearching) around for good podcasting solutions, I found the following links that made my search easier:

  1. Finding a good mp3 player for the phone: http://www.eirikso.com/2005/08/05/using-a-nokia-6630-to-listen-to-podcasts-and-mp3/
  2. Using your own headphones with the Nokia: http://www.eirikso.com/2005/08/14/how-to-modify-your-nokia-headset-to-accept-your-favourite-headphones/
  3. Podcasting basics and a howto for WMP syncing: http://www.eirikso.com/2005/06/01/how-to-listen-to-podcasts-on-your-mobile-phone/

#3 was the most useful link for me since I had already found OggPlay myself and I really didn’t care much about the headphones.


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